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PMBOK vs. Prince2 vs. Agile

If you’re thinking about the right methodology to use, the answer is, “it depends!” That’s because the characteristics of the project, team, resources, capabilities, training, and variety of other variables should strongly influence that decision. Let’s look at each.

Technically, PMBOK is... [Read More]

How Can I Master Meetings

Today, meetings don’t work. In a recent study we learned that we spend on average 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings. So in our 62 hours per month attending meetings, a whopping 50% of them are deemed unproductive. [Read More]

What is projXL®

projXL is a project management methodology that blends the leading practices of many disciplines into a unified and holistic methodology that better encourages project delivery success. Many organizations are... [Read More]

Why do PMOs (Really) Perform so Poorly?

The Standish Group has been publishing the Chaos Report annually for many years and the results don’t change. Merely 16% of projects are considered successful. This means that 84% of projects are unsuccessful, or in their terminology, both “challenged” and “impaired”. These numbers hide some other disheartening facts, like that large organizations fare far worse, and are unsuccessful with 91% of their projects. [Read More]

The Bullwhip Effect in PMOs

No it’s not about getting physical with the underperforming Business Analysts. The bullwhip effect is a phenomenon typically observed in supply chains where responses to requests are met with increasingly larger responses as the request moves through the supply chain. This same phenomenon is ... [Read More]

Avoiding Groupthink in PMOs

In 1972, psychologist Irving Janis advanced the term groupthink to describe, “a deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment that results from in-group pressures.” He stressed that the impetus to conform in groups hugely distorts our behaviours given the absence of rationale resultant when we suppress our independence in thought and simply adopt the ‘group think’. Groupthink is especially strong in entities like projects, where groups have typically characteristics like: insulation from external parties, lack of clear governance, and homogenous group characteristics and goals, and this effect is only amplified if the PMO’s track record is less than stellar ... [Read More]

Warren Buffett’s Wisdom for PMOs

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” We undertake projects for one purpose: value generation. Whether that comes in the form of revenue growth, cost savings or reputational protection, each offers value that should exceed the price. In the absence of business cases or portfolio management, or in not tracking the achievement potential of this value throughout the lifespan of the project, we are not staying true to what matters most. Track your costs, but focus on your current and anticipated value ... [Read More]