da Vinci said, "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding". If he had known about ProJacked products he may have upped it from joy to elation.

Check out our FAQs below and if your question isn’t answered, shoot us a note.

No. You can run TCP on any device without installing anything.

You sign up for free and can pay for a license at any time before your trial expires. If you fail to provide a method of payment before your trial expires, your account will be frozen and then eventually deleted.

Only English at present. But we provide support in English, Spanish and Italian.

Yes, we have many configuration options that you can and should personalize.

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Yes we can. Our Consulting Advisory can help your organization to adopt TCP through consulting services and/or training. We can help through all steps in the process, including in governance, process, organizational structure, etc.

No. Not MS Project®, not SharePoint®, not Basecamp®, nothing. TCP is not just a collaboration tool or Gantt chart, it’s everything you need to successfully plan and deliver a project.

Do you run projects? Get TCP.

We host with Amazon Web Servers (AWS) in Central Canada but can setup or move your data within seconds or use a different provider. You also have the option to host your own data.

The Amazon monthly uptime guarantee is 99.95% per their SLA. TCP's uptime is shown in real-time by clicking here

Anywhere in the world at any time. When you leave your home time zone we suggest you update your settings so that your calendar aligns to the local time.

No. Luckily, airplanes are starting to have Internet too so you can always be connected.

Ridiculously secure. TCP its on Amazon web servers, is built using Symfony, uses HTTPS, has intrusion detection software, encrypts databases with military grade AES-256, and hives off credit card processing.

No, TCP data is intentionally stored in Canada. If you wish your data to be stored or available in the US then all US law will apply.

An unlimited quantity.

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Right now we can hook you up to Slack, iCal calendars (MS Outlook®, Google Calendar, etc).

TCP was built for companies to have fully inclusive collaboration in projects with all internal stakeholders.This is base functionality. If you want to collaborate with external stakeholders, sign up for Jack your PMOs or Jack your Portfolio.

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Yes. Sign up for Jack your Portfolios if this is what you need.

We have an email ticketing system as our main form of support. We also host support forums and offer phone and onsite support for customers, where required.

English, Spanish and Italian.

There are several methodologies for project delivery that are pretty good, and we’ll got them all in native or hybrid flavours. We’ve also ideated TCP to fill in the gaps in these hybrid models and make them secure, automated and ultra powerful.

, our proprietary methodology, blends the best elements of these methodologies, and borrows concepts from many others in how we’ve designed robust and detailed tools and templates, workflow and approvals. Each of the following links are external to the ProJacked website and will open in a new tab.

  • Registed users have access to a rich set of helps and videos on the following topics

  • keyboard_arrow_right Start a new project: Teaches you the key steps in starting a new project.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Assign project roles: The nuts and bolts of user administration and rights assignment.

  • keyboard_arrow_right System administration: Guide for sysadmins on performing backend tasks.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Changing your personal profile: How to update your personal settings.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Invite other organizations into the project: Onboarding your delivery partners.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Building a business case: Creating a compelling Outline Business Case.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Stage-Gating: A tutorial on the activities surrounding a stage-gate.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Status reporting: Demystifying the status report.